Name: Hikari
Age: Old Enough
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Least Favorite Food: Cilantro (yup, I got the soap gene)
Random Fact: I’m learning German. (“Ich spreche etwas Deutsch!”)

Bio: I am the writer half of AvianSkies. I outline each chapter. In the case of Liars, I adapt from the novel version, while with Kaleidoscope we have an extensive timeline that we draw from and reveal in whatever order we find most fluid. I hash out the storyboards with Miko, scan each page, clean it up and slap on the text as well. I also manage our social media accounts (secretly I hate Twitter — it’s ugly…) and putter around making websites while knowing only minimal css, html and php coding. (Tutorials ftw!) I also write novels. Lots and lots of novels. I’ve finished 13 and counting! Still trying to break into traditional publishing though. (Wish me luck!)

Name: Miko
Age: Older than Hika-chan
Favorite Food: Italian, Japanese Style Curry
Least Favorite Food: Green Peppers
Random Fact: I learned some art skills from a hermit mentor…

Bio: I am the artist half of AvianSkies. I storyboard, sketch, ink, and paint/color each page by hand. My ‘Crenen Name’ is Lazy Artist Creep, and for the most part, I own it (not sure about the creep part… depends on the context?). I don’t work digitally because – for me – it feels like I’m cheating somehow… like traditional art is dying, and I must be its champion. And yet, each time a deadline looms, I think “Why have I not switched to digital??!” >~<