Jason “Key” Sterling is a liar, and he knows that liars don’t go to Paradise. So when he’s pushed into a puddle and wakes up in a fantastical world called just that, he knows there’s a catch. This Paradise is hardly heavenly.

Join Key as he encounters the quirky natives, including a megalomaniac prince, an effeminate loner, a ditsy Seer and many, many sharp-toothed critters — along with a brewing war and a prophecy he wants nothing to do with, but which wants everything to do with him.

Updates on Fridays. This is a traditional-art, long-form, fantasy, manga-style comic with a boatload of humor and plenty of drama (and perhaps a dab of romance as well). It is rated PG for fantasy violence and mild thematic elements.

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Book 1: Liars Go To Paradise?

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