Mirrasae: I’ve been soooo looking forward to this page. I mean, let’s face it. While in Japanese-style manga, having a pretty face doesn’t automatically define gender, in real life Jenen’s face is generally found on a woman. It’s our natural assumption. How could Key not be shocked by the truth?


Miko: This particular page has haunted me in my sleep… I knew how it all went down in my head, and if I had had two to three pages to work with, it would have gone exactly as I wanted. But time and pacing did not allow for the images I was envisioning, so I hashed and re-hashed till I came up with this. Not as good, but still okay.

I wanted the ‘thunder cloud’ moment with Jenen to be bigger and more dramatic, and I was really torn between this expression and one that was more deadly than shocked, but in the end I just let Jenen decide. Then made up for it with the ‘lightning flash’ panel.

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Through the Puddle: 13

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