Mirrasae: I’m a firm believer in realistic reactions. Even if they are, y’know, a little delayed. But we must cut Key some slack. After all, he’s been through several ordeals already. That’s the only reason I can conceive why he’s only now starting to freak out about WHERE he is and WHY. Furapintairow and shawl-wearing, sharp-toothed maniacs’ll do that to a person, right? Right.


Miko: This page was our chance to give a little more thought and less reaction. Thus, easy pictures with lots of thought space. Happy me!

Mira-chan was really excited for the third panel when I showed her my concept sketch for the page, saying: “I love profile pictures! They make guys look so hot!” … No pressure or anything… Thus I ended up so focused on that panel, I think I may have lost some of the flow of it. Ah, well.

I blame her.

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Through the Puddle: 14

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