Mirrasae: And so the chapter ends as a new character is introduced. This is Crenen. More on him (lots more) next time. Er, well, the time after next. Next week we’ll post a mini-comic extra while we finish prepping Chapter 2.


Miko: Crenen scares me. Seriously. Everybody LOVES him, and while on the whole I have always been pleased with his basic design, I also wanted to revamp ALL of the characters to some degree or another…

The potential fury of the die-hard Crenen fans was looming as I set about to tweak things.

All in all I am pleased. I’ve always had to resist the temptation to give Crenen a ‘Hiruma’ Grin (see Eyeshield 21) since I have loved the feel of it from the moment I set eyes on it, but I also wanted him to be just a bit less caricature and more real. There’s enough of humor and deformity in Liars already, so I thought it would be fine.

His outfit was fun. Mostly the same, but with a cute little pet on his shoulder (yes, it IS actually alive). Whatcha think?

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Through the Puddle: 17

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