Mirrasae: Key, meet your worst nightmare. XD

So, we’ve begun chapter two officially, where things will become even crazier for our hero. Things which may (or may not) occur in this chapter include: Sharp teeth, sharp teeth, and more sharp teeth.

Fun fact about Paradisians with sharp teeth: Their tongues can grow back, so, those teething toddlers? No problem. They’ll recover.


Miko: I really like how Crenen turned out on this page. It was also very fun to draw some of his cronies, though one of my very favorite of these will not be glimpsed till page three of this chapter.

Okay, yes, I maybe got a little bit lazy with the background of the large panel, but I had a bunch o’ dudes to draw, do you blame me??

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Ch. 2: The Devil’s Camp: 01

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