Mirrasae: So, this page makes clear that Crenen gives everyone in his acquaintance an infamous “Crenen-name” — which is always three words long, and is always, always insulting. Once you receive a Crenen-name, it almost never changes. So, yup, Key is now officially Strange Coward Boy, but I still call him Key.


Miko: The painting in this was a lot of fun. Particularly the first panel.

I’m still getting the hang of drawing Crenen, but I feel like he’s going to be as easy as Key soon enough. Menen & Jenen will ALWAYS be difficult…

I really loved doing Crenen’s teeth in the last panel. It’s rare to ever draw him with his mouth open while speaking, so it was a fun and, I feel, successful experiment.

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The Devil’s Camp: 03

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