Mirrasae: Maybe the seriousness of Key’s situation is finally starting to hit home. Just as he’s about to expire. Or does Crenen have something far worse in mind? Stay tuned for next week’s exciting comic page! ______ Miko: I have never been very good at right-facing profiles. So I really can’t say I’m too proud of panel 1 A. Still, avoiding the thing you’re bad at never got anyone better at it. So I push through. There are some really fun Crenen shots this time, and I love it. I was especially delighted by the last panel. Crenen, you sexy beast…! Heh… It just seems to represent him totally.
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The Devil’s Camp: 05

2 thoughts on “The Devil’s Camp: 05

  1. This has always been one of my favorite Crenen lines xD “Use has run dry as village well. KILL.” It….cough….certainly says something about his character xD

    1. lol Doesn’t it though? Ah, Crenen. He’s honestly totally creepy when you think about it.
      But really, that line is what inspired the entire character of Crenen, now that you mention it. In the novel, he just showed up and pronounced this sentence, and I was like: o.O ” Oookaay. Heeeere we go. Who’s this now??” XD

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