Mirrasae: Both Miko and I are excited to move on to the next stage of the comic, and that stage begins now, as the fantastical world Key finds himself in grows lighter. What awaits him next? Why, Paradise of course. 😉


Miko: Yay! No more painting night scenes!! …Now I just have to get used to daytime again…

I pretty much love this page. It was easy, it was fun, and I’m just so pleased with the colors in panels 3 & 4.

I have been challenging myself in our storyboard process by doing difficult-for-me angles and odd scenarios (like Key being carried like a sack of potatoes…), and generally I’ve been relieved that they have turned out so well. And I’m grateful when you just happen to ignore when it doesn’t so much turn out.

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The Devil’s Camp: 06

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