Mirrasae: Over on deviantART I recently approached 50,000 pageviews. So, I offered a kiriban prize for the person who captured a screenshot of that 50,000th pageview — an OC cameo appearance in Liars Go To Paradise? The winner, PhoenixRisingFromAsh, chose to feature her OC Lilliana and agreed to let Miko make the alterations necessary to fit Lilliana into the setting of Paradise (clothes, specifically).

It’s been a lot of fun to plot out the scene where Lilliana (here called “Small Timid Thing” by Crenen) encounters the prince of Yenen Clan. PhoenixRisingFromAsh has been so easy to work with, giving us the information and references we needed to bring Lilliana into comic.

We plan to do more contests in future to allow others an opportunity not unlike this one. We’ll keep you posted.


Miko: Well this page & the drafting before hand was a fun opportunity for me. It’s been a while since I plied my hand at someone else’s designs and I have loved the challenge, also this is just a fun type of character to draw.

To me the most interesting part of a comic is the subtle body language of the characters and the challenge of trying to bring them to life on that level. The way Crenen places his hands – such arrogance!-, the passive stance Menen takes that belays his size, Key’s often hunched shoulders that show some inner insecurity… and PhoenixRisingFromAsh’s OC Lilliana’s lifted shoulders, like she’s trying to make herself smaller than she already is – less of a target.

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The Devil’s Camp: 09

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