Mirrasae: Rest assured, the Paradisian words used throughout this comic ARE pronounceable. The two used on this page are “Furapintairow” (fur-uh-pin-ty-row) and “Verenvae” (vare-inn-vay). /endrandomfacts

I’m really excited about this next sequence we’re entering. The plot will thicken, I swear, so keep reading! <3


Miko: You thought we forgot about Jenen & Beastie, didn’t you? Well, as you see, we didn’t.

The interior of the tent in panel three was a worry for me, switching (due to lighting) from marker to paint as I did between panels two and three. But worked out pretty well, I thought. 🙂

…Still working out the kinks with Sasha….

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The Devil’s Camp: 10

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