Mirrasae: There’s so much about this page I love. Flashbacks, the scenery (two full moons and a man-strangling berry bush), the combination of deformity and sexiness (Key, the man with many faces). I could go on…but I won’t. Suffice it to say, Miko used some great techniques here as we move closer to the juicy meat of the story.

A.N. For those of you wondering, no those berries aren’t gerani (those come later). These are called kavava berries and are very, very tasty. Thus the Paradisians put up with the bushes’ violent nature.


Miko: This page and I had a love/hate relationship…

I LOVED drawing Key in every panel, especially the first. I HATED painting the rug, the berry bush, and that STUPID basket… (it just refused to accept any sort of shading. Gah!)

I’m VERY excited to start into what is coming. And scared. This isn’t what you would call an action story, but it does have its share, and that draws ever nearer. Motion and impact are such daunting and seductive concepts for the comic/manga artist… ^^;

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The Devil’s Camp: 11

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