Mirrasae: Speaking of unsafe, Key, so is jabbing your spear in the water around your toes. Just sayin’. (Those flaming fishes are called “fyar” fish, by the way.)

More flashbacks of Key’s life for the past two weeks. He pretty much spent every waking moment doing manual labor of many kinds, overseen by the ever-dutiful Tall Strong Jerk (aka Menen).

My favorite part of this page was Key’s little, “I didn’t do it” moment. Because, well, he’s a liar and he doesn’t hesitate to lie even when it’s obvious he’s lying. It’s habitual. Sad, Key. So sad.


Miko: So fun drawing Crenen lounging! I truly had to resist the urge to make every pillow a different, bright color, but ultimately, Yenen males tend not to like bright colors in general. They wear browns, greys and black with just one swath of something colorful.

Yenen women, however tend to wear lots of cheery colors (with the apparent exception of Sasha), to break up to their rather dismal lives – more on that as the story progresses.

Interesting fact, I usually don’t use brushes when painting. I use Q-tips. Not very fun for fine details, but the more I use a single one, the better it seems to work… or is that in my head?

(Makes the whole ‘painting AROUND the water droplets’ somewhat impressive if I do say so myself… I hated it…)

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The Devil’s Camp: 12

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