Mirrasae: Crenen without the lopsided ponytail? Yeah, it happens. Just not often. 😉 (I love that Miko took the chance to show him “dressed down.”

And now we meet Lon. Isn’t he gorgeous? I will say no more about him at present. Most important here is the conversation, which references Jenen and a mysterious something or someone called “Vendaeva.” What could it all mean? *le gasp*

Stay tuned ’til next time!


Miko: Finally we’re getting into the heart of things!

I have been very excited for this page, but a little apprehensive too. Lon enters the picture, and he’s always been stubborn about being drawn… I had to start over several times on both his appearances here. ^^*

It was also delightful to draw Crenen a little dressed down and casual. Menen not as much, but hey, this is nearly as dressed down he ever gets. I’ll take it.

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The Devil’s Camp: 14

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