Mirrasae: I believe Miko did a great job making the plains of blue mist as vast and empty as they should be. There’s a cool contrast here between the dreary blues and grays and the light coming from the doorway in the last panel. Key’s reaction is spot-on. It makes me very happy, especially as I contemplate the next few pages. A few things will finally be answered. 😀


Miko: One of the things I have enjoyed about the last couple pages is the ‘floaty hair’ I got to give Key. I’ll miss it…

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself in a vast, cold, lifeless place like this? All alone? I tried to capture Key’s feelings – what we’d all feel, without making him look like his Crenen name – a coward. At least, that was my goal.

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The Devil’s Camp: 25

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