Mirrasae: She’s got beauty, so brains weren’t necessary, or so her parents argued. *shot* In all seriousness(?), she’s profoundly ditzy. And here Key thought his life couldn’t get any harder… (Actually, he didn’t think that. He didn’t want to jinx himself. This is an entirely useless paragraph. You’re welcome.)

We’re coming up on a year mark for this comic. A whole year next week? How did that happen? It went so fast and we’ve come so far, yet we’re still only in chapter two. Comics are slow work, but oh so rewarding. Thanks for joining us on this journey! We plan to continue for a long, long time. ^^


Miko: Deformity in general is fun, of course, but oh my… I think I’ve mentioned that I love drawing pretty things. I’ve also said that I enjoy drawing deformity, so this page made me quite happy.

The fun and challenge of this particular character is that she is the type of character (see CLAMP…) that wears a different outfit every time she shows up. This is exciting. And also a little frustrating. I always see her in pink, probably because of her eyes, but really, I think she’d look great in green. Mirrasae agrees, so we’ll see…

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The Devil’s Camp: 28

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