Mirrasae: Our comic is officially one year old! Thanks to all our readers for your support!! We’ll continuing working hard to bring you LGTP? each week as often as possible. We love you all!! <333

Another LGTP? celebration is on the horizon. More on that in the near future. ^-^


Miko: Finally, an explanation! Maybe. If Veija can get around to it…

Lots of fun mixing the colors on this page. It’s sort of hilarious how much time I spend on the “pretty” pictures like the one in panel 3, only to jump to deformity right after. Contrast is so interesting.

I actually really rather dislike coloring in the golden hair, like Key’s and Veija’s. ESPECIALLY Veija’s… Don’t know why exactly, but I feel like it’s a bother. Black hair is fine. But takes the same amount of effort. WHY…??

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The Devil’s Camp: 29

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