Mirrasae: ‘Tall Strong Jerk’ > Watch Dog. Key will never escape while Menen is watching over him. Menen is a faithful follower of Crenen’s every (wicked) whim — even if he’s sometimes reluctant (like when Crenen feeds Key intoxicating, vision-inducing grapes).

I’m looking forward to chapter three, where we’ll get to reveal this enigmatic character more fully. Also, someone else will be making a reappearance. Finally.


Miko: This page may look easy compared to what I normally do, but it is actually one of those deceptive endeavors that looks easy and isn’t. Why, you ask?

Because trying to do identical drawings (or near to) without tracing is a pain in the butt. Why do I do these things to myself?!

Well, actually, it was Mira-chan’s idea. She tortures me, really. Between her and myself, I suffer. Truly, I do.

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