Mirrasae: Chapter three! Can’t believe we’re here, approximately halfway through Arc One. Yup. We’ll keep going strong, promise!

So, Jenen and Beastie finally make their reappearance for, like, two seconds. But don’t worry, they’ll be back.

Been looking forward to this particular chapter for a while, though I suspect Miko has mixed feelings about the impending “duel” referenced in the chapter title.


Miko: A change is as good as a rest, and I’m excited about the change back to green and darkness instead of brown and rugs or gold and LOTS of hair…

Jenen is very fun to draw for me, but I was pretty petrified about it after so long. I really like how panel 2 turned out.

I also had fun studying American Eskimos so that I can better draw Beastie.

Remember next week we get to see two pages since the Chapter Title Page is coming along with the next page. My artist side rejoices, my lazy side weeps…

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Ch. 3: Midnight Duel: 01

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