Mirrasae: Bless you, Key, but you’re an idiot… (Who doesn’t notice sudden hair growth??)

In other news, he’s awfully pretty with long hair, and when he wears that rare, thoughtful expression, which signifies that occasionally he -does- actually think.

Mostly, though, he just doubts himself. All too often we do that to ourselves, putting ourselves down for our weaknesses rather than building up our strengths. Maybe we should stop…


Miko: I would have loved this page, but instead I hated it because I had to rush, due to no weekend, due to travel for Mother’s Day. Meh…

I have determined that I enjoy painting the night scenes. Which is good, because that is the bulk of this chapter.

I am DREADING the next page… but it will be pretty. ^^;

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Midnight Duel: 03

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