Mirrasae: Kirid Clan vs. Yenen Clan. Been looking forward to this exchange forever! (But I don’t have to draw it, sooo…sorry, Miko? XD) Love the variance in wardrobe between the two factions as well.


Miko: I love the colors in this page. They’re rich and many. 🙂

When I drew the storyboard for this page, I hadn’t yet settled firmly on which of several designs I wanted to use for Kirid Clan, so I drew in boxy forms and those funny faces they use in manga for random characters – your know, the ones they use a lot in Clamp manga… or, if you want to know exactly what I’m talking about, look up Skip Beat vol. 11 act 66, where Yashiro tries to picture Ren super happy and can’t… That one. XD Yeah… fun fact, I guess…

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Midnight Duel: 07

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