Mirrasae: I had the basic script for what I wanted Key to be thinking in the first panel on this page. But after Miko drew his expression so brilliantly, I realized the original thought just wasn’t quite right — the thought wasn’t quite tapping its potential. It took me all day to rework how it reads now, and it was worth it. A writer must never be afraid to revise what doesn’t fit.


Miko: And so begins the duel… and my desperate attempts to do a fighting storyline that flows. I love drawing movement, but usually I don’t have a weekly deadline for my work, so this is a little intimidating. Forgive my poor efforts as I work to create an exciting series of pages!

(I’ve been reading a lot of shonen fight(ish) manga like Naruto, Bleach, HunterxHunter and Nura in preparation for this… Great excuse, no?)

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Midnight Duel: 08

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