Mirrasae: Admit it, if you found yourself inexplicably in the middle of a war zone, after seeing someone killed right before your eyes, you’d freeze up too. Let’s be kind to the poor, hapless protagonist who’s completely out of his depth, eh? Apologies, Key. Your lot is a sorry one. XD


Miko: Have I mentioned I really don’t much enjoy drawing extra people that have no point to the main plot…?

Having been very busy the last few weeks, when I finally sat down to draw out this page I found myself a little… how shall I say, reckless? I normally coax each panel into being with care and a sometimes ridiculous amount of thought. This time my pencil strokes were kind of haphazard so that when all was said and done, I was shocked at how well it all turned out. Luck? Or could it be that I am improving as an artist? … Nah, couldn’t be.

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Midnight Duel: 15

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