Mirrasae: Welcome back, Jenen! It’s good to see you again. 😀

I think I’ll start talking about some of the main cast in order of appearance one by one in these comment things. That means starting with Key. So, Key’s full name is Jason Sterling, while Key is his self-given nickname. Don’t ask him why he chose that; he doesn’t know, though he suspects he was marginally influenced by his surname (y’ think?).

Key is a short (5’6 with shoes), rather awkward, self-conscious fellow, who tries to make up for all that by casually lying and appearing disinterested. He really wants to fit in and have friends, but he doesn’t believe he has what it takes to make them. He’s never felt like he belongs anywhere, and prefers alone time as a result. He grew up in a loving home with three other siblings, but he still has trust issues.

Key’s inspiration comes from a character who was sort of my childhood “invisible friend” and also based vaguely on a hero from a book I read when I was young. That hero’s name was Jason, and he had a sarcastic streak a mile wide, but that’s where the similarities end. (For instance, my Jason is alive, while that book’s Jason was a ghost.)


Miko: Since Mira is going to be talking more about the characters, I thought I’d follow suit and talk a little about those same characters from my standpoint as the artist.

Key is relatively easy to draw, particularly since his hair has gotten so long. In the beginning, I loved best drawing his eyes and, strangely enough, his hair – which was also the most difficult thing about him to draw. There were certain things about his hair (like the way it tucked behind his ears) that I enjoyed getting just right. So now that his hair is easier to draw and thus his panels are the ones I can breeze through, I do miss the way he was.

Key’s expressions are also a blast – and I don’t just mean the humorous ones. Knowing more about him than you as yet do, I have great pleasure in depicting the deeper emotion as well. And someday I hope, after this project is at last concluded, you will go back through it and appreciate it as much as I. 🙂

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Midnight Duel: 16

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