Mirrasae: Now, on to my comments about Jenen. He was born from his name. Yeah, it’s true. When I was trying to conceive of a secondary character for Key, I started brainstorming names and came up with “Jenen.” Then I sat there and pondered whether it was a boy’s name or a girl’s name. From that ponderous venture came this idea: Maybe I’ll just make an androgynous character whose gender is confused by everyone. And so, Jenen came to be; a male character suffering from the constant assumptions of others that he’s a girl. It started very young in his life, despite the fact that his people have two distinguishing traits: females have brown hair and males have black hair. He was always teased regardless.

Beyond that, I can say little, seeing as his past and motivations are not yet revealed. I’ll talk more about his psyche in later comments.


Miko: Jenen suffers in life, so he passes that onto me, as the artist who makes him… well, pretty. See, this is how it works: When I draw him, I start as I would Crenen, or Lon (not Menen, that’s a whole other ball of wax) and then, once I have him sketched to my satisfaction I then have to make little changes – meaning, I make him more effeminate. Fuller lips, sharper eyes, more pronounced cheekbones… you get the idea. You can imagine how difficult he likes to make the whole process, given what I am doing to him…

His clothes are another issue. I designed them to be easy to draw……. but they’re NOT. Why?? –;

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Midnight Duel: 17

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