Mirrasae: This page makes me hungry. Right now I reeeeaaally want cookies. XD

So, regarding Crenen. He was born from a typo. It’s true. At least, his speech was. That first time I wrote him, he misspoke due to my traitorous fingers and I liked the result so much, as it gave him that unique aspect so necessary to his character type, I kept and perfected it. Best mistake I’ve ever made.

Crenen’s megalomaniac attitude delights me. He’s just sooooo evil, so manipulative, so superior to others, with strong motivations and feelings that I really can’t discuss at present. Aside from a typo which gave birth to his speech pattern, he kind of created himself. He’s one of those characters who does his own thing, author’s desires be hanged. I can’t complain. Truthfully, before he appeared the story was a little bland.

Crenen is a prince, though technically he should be king. There’s a reason he hasn’t taken on the title, which will kind of be revealed soon.

There’s just so little I can discuss at present! Suffice it to say, Crenen -does- have a reason for all of his actions, including Key’s servitude, his search for “Sick Nasty Dog,” his lopsided ponytail, and eating gerani. Yep. (Hint: It’s cuz he’s evil.)


Miko: One of the very first sketches I ever did while preparing for this project was one where Key was easily lifted by Menen (as seen in Panel 2). It was fun and tricky to draw, since I had never attempted anything like it before, and I really wanted to make sure it got into the comic.

While Key has been carried like this before, it didn’t fit with the timing to show that effortless lift at that point. So I’m really happy to have a chance to draw this again, and I must say that this attempt at it was much more satisfactory than the first.

Perhaps someday I’ll put it up somewhere for you all to see, if that’s something that would interest you, dear readers. Don’t judge the art if I do, that’s my only condition…

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Midnight Duel: 18

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