Mirrasae: I’d talk about Menen this time, but Miko forgot her artistic comments on Crenen, so she’ll do that here and we’ll both write about Menen next update.

Sooo, Beastie is officially back with his master~! Yup, Key assumed he was just a dream conjured by fever, so he didn’t worry too much. Now he’ll be both extremely happy to have his canine companion at his side and guilty that he “forgot” about him. Thank goodness Jenen’s nicer than he pretends to be (or at least has a weakness for dogs, possibly because he’s “Sick Nasty Dog.” XD)


Miko: Crenen……………….. He is evil. Truly. Half the time I can draw him with ease, the other he is nothing but pain and misery. Yeesh.

How to sum it all up? Lopsided ponytail – easy. Fuzzy shoulder pet – not easy. Deformed grin – pain-in-the-butt. Regular grin – shoot me. Tattered clothes – easy. Wraps – easy. Eyes – hard. Expressions – shoot me. Body language – easy. Clothing design – fun. Cute deformity – easy & fun.

So mostly I like drawing him, ultimately, but he also gives me a headache. Is this what masochism is? I wonder…

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Midnight Duel: 19

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