Mirrasae: Let’s talk about Hiskii (Quiet Sneaky Thing), as well as the bearded guy, and scarf man (for so we affectionately call them). These fine fellows, along with Menen, make up Crenen’s personal entourage — his attendants, if you will. They are loyal and attentive, generally quiet, and a lot of fun to plan into scenes. You’ll see them quite often in the backgrounds wherever Crenen dwells. They have names, pasts, lives, but it’s doubtful any will be revealed throughout the story (excepting Menen, of course, and perhaps Hiskii). Ah well. Side characters still help the story move along, eh?


Miko: In the book, Crenen shows up with a bunch of his cronies, so when we started working on Chapter Two I just pulled a couple designs from the back of my head. Thus were the bearded guy and scarf man born. I really like drawing them for very different reasons. The bearded guy’s design is a little sloppy and so he’s a breeze to draw. Scarf man is also easy since I don’t have to draw the bottom part of his face or his right eye. Of the two, I like scarf man best, since he seems like he has an attitude. 🙂

Quiet Sneaky Thing, aka Hiskii was one of those I was most excited to design. In the book Key thinks of Yenen Clan as a bunch of Ninja Men, and so Hiskii became the embodiment of that – even down to black wraps instead of the normal white. I also love that he wears an earring-chain-thing. Mostly because drawing accessories is fun for me.

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Midnight Duel: 21

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