Mirrasae: Time to talk about Sasha, the story’s resident female doctor. She was created from a dream. Yup, while I was writing Paradise originally, I dreamt of an upcoming scene I hadn’t written yet, and she plopped herself in there. Aside from that, much of her personality, as well as her name, comes from my then-pet cat. (The cat has been gone for several years now, but her memory lives on in Sasha. R.I.P.) She’s quite a fun character, temperamental and sassy, but of course there hasn’t been much chance yet to showcase her quirks in the comic yet. That will come eventually. Promise.


Miko: Sasha is easy to draw, as all women are for me, but her hair is a royal pain to color – too much shine and shadow…

Temperamental people are easy and enjoyable to draw expression onto, so all-in-all I like Sasha. Sometimes, however, she does like to throw me a curve-ball, and then she reminds me a lot of Crenen. Sasha has one thing about her that is pretty unique. On rare occasions, Mira-chan will sketch out what she visualizes for a new character, and that was the inspiration for her design. There aren’t many characters who can claim that.

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Midnight Duel: 22

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