Mirrasae: Time to discuss Veija (her name rhymes with Asia), the ditzy seer! She’s a menace. That doesn’t mean she means to be – indeed, she really wants to help, but that usually just makes things worse. Bless her. Veija was inspired by a desire to mock cliches, such as the beautiful, all-knowing female in fantasies who helps the hero find his way along his quest. (Don’t get me wrong, I love characters like Galadriel, but I -must- always mock just the same.) There -are- reasons, of course, for the way Veija is, but they’re a long way from being explained. 🙂

In short, she’s a BLAST to write!


Miko: Drawing beautiful women is very easy for me. The prettier, the easier. I don’t know why…

I was super excited to design the – for Paradise – rather detailed clothes of Veija the seer. Her dramatic expressions and poses were amusing to story board, and her deformity is also a blast (not to mention super cute). All-in-all, definitely a fun character to bring to life.

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Midnight Duel: 24

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