Mirrasae: Today’s topic: Fenik, otherwise known as Mr. Ugly or Frog-man. His Crenen-name is actually “Gross Smelly Man”, though that hasn’t come up in the comic yet. The thing about Fenik is, he’s really a nice guy. Just hygenically-challenged, due to long sprints in swamplands as a scout. Indeed, many of Crenen’s men feel a sort of fondness for Fenik, although everyone wishes he’d bathe more.

In other news, we may not be able to update the next page of Liars in two weeks due to a schedule conflict, so Liars will appear in three weeks instead.

Lastly, Key’s expression in that last panel? FTW!


Miko: Let me just say that I love to draw Fenik. He is soooo easy – just a couple of circles and he’s practically done! He does use a lot of one of my grey tones when up-close, so I hope I don’t have to do that much (art supplies are EXPENSIVE!).

As Mira-chan mentioned, my job requires me to take a trip out of state for a week, and since that means no art desk or any of those expensive art do-daws, that means no Liars page on the regular schedule. Sorry!

Still, do not weep, this may just mean a little more time to do some extra art now and then… stay tuned!

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Midnight Duel: 25

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