Mirrasae: We’re back! Sorry for the long silence, but Miko was on a business trip, so art was impossible. But now, theoretically, there will be more time than ever for art. (We’re playing it by ear for now.) So, this week’s character discussion is of Kirid, the man Crenen killed in the midnight duel. Kirid is dead, but his death will have some serious repercussions, so while he’s in the past-tense, he’s still rather important. Remember his name. It seems almost a shame that such a good design should end so swiftly, but what do you do? ___ Miko: Kirid’s design was a while in coming to me, since I had something of a template, but I wanted him to be his own person. I loved doing his long hair, especially where there was so much movement, but while I thought I was making an easy design covering half his face, it was a serious pain. Every. Single. Time. Originally his outfit was a bit more complicated, but I had to pare things down for the sake of time. As I said above, he does have an origin design, but on that I cannot say more for the moment… 🙂
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Midnight Duel: 26

2 thoughts on “Midnight Duel: 26

  1. Fantastic work on the forest in the first panel. I really love that detail of the light rays passing through. 😀

    1. Ahh, thank you! Your comment means so much! We’ll keep striving to focus on these details. <3

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