Mirrasae: There aren’t any other major characters to discuss right now, so I’ll move on to creatures and foods. We’ll start with Beastie, Key’s furry companion.

Beastie is an American Eskimo, standard-size, with all the fun-loving, loyal qualities that make this breed so amazing. When Beastie was a pup, a younger, more innocent Key would play make-believe that his furry best friend was a dragon, or a monster, or other slay-worthy opponent, so he affectionately dubbed him “Beastie.”

Hopefully Miko has forgiven me for including a dog in the story-line. She really doesn’t enjoy drawing animals, as she feels they aren’t her forte. (But Beastie was too cute to cut out of the comic! Sorry, Miko!)


Miko: As stated above, while I am fond of animals in general, drawing them is not something I’ve practiced much, so I’m not great at it.

I feel that I fluctuate in Beastie’s design between too real, and not real enough. And the worst part of this page, is he was supposed to be in the last panel and I FORGOT HIM!! I know, I’m terrible! He was in the storyboard and I just… omitted him. Oops!

Still, I do love Beastie’s cute personality and his future promises to be quite fun.

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Midnight Duel: 27

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