Mirrasae: While this comic is generally a comedy, it does steer into more serious realms, especially as it goes along. I love these early glimpses of that; of the depth that actually IS inside of Key. His silent introspection. His doubts and fears and insecurities. It’s wonderful to watch Miko bring it all to life visually.

Turning to the topic of creatures, I’ll touch for a moment on furapintairow. (Remember the little red fluffballs from earlier?) In Paradise, these dangerous li’l fellows are considered sacred, but one must wonder if that is because of religious observance or more because it’s just stupid to get bitten, so a hands-off approach can literally save lives. (Fact: It’s a combination of the two.) Another fun tidbit, YES, these little guys DO have paws. Wanna know how they look when they move? Think Fizgig from The Dark Crystal. It’s very similar.


Miko: I’m really pleased with the background painting this time around. Sometimes it takes a bit to find the best look in different lighting without spending too much time on any one page.

About the time that Mira-chan started work on Liars, I had moved across the country and lived in New York for a time. I’ve never been good with long-distance communication, so when I moved back, I was delighted to find the book completed and much already designed.

I also found that Mira-chan had made her ‘furas’ come to life by taking some red pom-poms and pipe cleaners and sticking eyes to them. I straight away set to work designing and I had a lot of fun doing it. I even did a blueprint of how their anatomy might work beneath the fur…

For a while there, that’s all anyone could get out of me art-wise. Sad, I know. But it was FUN!

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Midnight Duel: 28

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