Mirrasae: That hair tho’… XD

So, Key finally gets a chance to introduce himself by name. Which reminds me, you should do a search on TV Tropes for Liars Go To Paradise under the webcomics category. A very good friend asked if I’d be okay with her putting Liars on there, and I was like, “Absolutely!” It’s VERY amusing and SUPER enjoyable to browse through. (Thanks for the laughs, Respheal!)

Lastly, I’ll touch on gerani (gur-RON-ee). These little grape-like beauties are incredibly intoxicating, and seldom do people eat more than one — for the simple fact that few can handle more without passing out. Seers alone use them regularly, as it tends to channel one’s mind into the dream realm, where one might have a vision. Even then, they tend not to gobble down entire bowlfuls. Some people have a higher tolerance for gerani, like Crenen (who acts perpetually drunk anyway), while others can’t even manage a single gerani (such as another character previously introduced, but I won’t spoil who it is).

The fact that Key managed to eat so many before he passed out (see chapter 2), is really quite impressive. It’s good that Key actually does have a kind of talent to speak of (some talent, huh?), so he’s not totally useless (sorta).


Miko: So the inspiration behind the last panel came from Disney’s Frozen. The first time I watched it, when the scene with Anna waking up came on, I was like… ‘So glad my hair isn’t ever that bad!’ …Well, except for maybe that one time when I went camping right after I got my hair cut quite short and had tons of product in it from the salon… Anyway, I laughed and thought I’d like to do that some time to one of the characters I draw. Right after that we started Liars, and now my wish is coming true (just wait until the next page!).

On to gerani… I deeply lament that when I first drew the dangerous fruits I did not have a purple that scanned in without turning blue. Gragh! So, no, Crenen is not color blind or stupid when he calls them ‘Paradisaical Purple Fruit’. My scanner is.

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Midnight Duel: 29

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