Mirrasae: We made it by the update deadline! I wasn’t so sure we would, because delays keep getting more and more epic. Take this weekend, when a wasp decided to take up residence in our work studio, and we couldn’t open the window to let him out, because of our window A/C unit…We thought we would die this time, but we’re still alive, and we got back on track to bring you yet another page! (We’re both PETRIFIED of wasps, but we slew him in the end, just the same.)

And what a page. Reveal much, yeah? Bwahaha! XD


Miko: Well, I’m pretty pleased with myself. A page that would normally have taken between 4 – 6 hours took me 3. All of them today, at the last moment… That being said, and despite the rush and stress of such a deadline, I enjoyed doing both panels two and four in particular. Not much challenge here as an artist, but such information… 🙂

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Midnight Duel: 32

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