Mirrasae: One of Crenen’s special abilities is creating enemies who then become allies of his other enemies. And he appears to thrive on it. Pfft.

Sorry for the delay in updating this! If you don’t follow Kaleidoscope, you don’t already know that we were on vacation, so updates were put off for a li’l bit. But we’re back now! Yay!


Miko: I don’t envy Jenen the task of brushing through that hair…

Pretty fun page all around, despite having lots of Jenen (why are the handsome ((pretty)) ones always so hard to draw??). And I’ll never complain when backgrounds are easy. Beastie was not in the original storyboard, I just added him for fun at the last minute, and I’m glad I did.

Lately I’ve been binge-reading manga of various sorts — since I’m generally useless as an artist after such a long break — Skip Beat, Aphorism and D.Grayman to name a few. I’m really in love with the art of D.Grayman through around volumes 7-14; Allen has such a great design and it just gets better during that time! When I read stuff with good art and action, I get really pumped to draw… so why is it that I’m not yet to any major action in either comic?

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Midnight Duel: 36

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