Mirrasae: We finally reached the end of the chapter, hurray!! (Took us long enough. Sheesh.) It turned out to be longer than we anticipated, but that’s okay. Lots happened, including the revelation about Crenen and Jenen, so we’re satisfied.

Next week, BONUS COMIC! After that we’re gonna take a little break from updating this comic while we prep the first submissions for chapter four! Liars will return sometime in October. In the meantime, we’ll continue updating Kaleidoscope on Fridays. 😀


Miko: Considering everything that Key has been through, I’d say it’s about time he freaked out a little… externally. (I mean, internally it’s a constant…) In his shoes I would have done so long before now. Pro’ly just sit on the ground, cry, and refuse to move again…

This page is good for showing a couple of things that we haven’t really seen much of: Key expressing himself honestly, and Jenen showing some compassion. Um, the doomed feeling is pretty normal, though…

On the page itself – it was very cooperative. Shockingly. Normally when there is a lot of either Jenen or Crenen on a particular page, I mess up somehow… Not so this time (***REJOICE!!***).

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Midnight Duel: 37

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