Mirrasae: Liars is BACK! (Finally, right?) Been looking forward to sharing this chapter for quite a while. We have it all mapped out and ready to tackle, so our absence hasn’t been fruitless. Hang on tight as we undergo the next leg of Key’s journey. 😀

On another note, Miko did an art-trade with fellow comic artist (and awesome friend) Respheal!

Miko’s half:
Respheal’s half:

Also check out Respheal’s terrific comic, Galebound. You won’t be disappointed!


Miko: Ahhh, I missed the simplicity of this comic!

And that simplicity will last a grand total of one page. After that, I might just kill myself… in the library, with a lead pipe…

You’ll see…

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Ch. 4: The Seer’s Test? 01

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