Mirrasae: I dunno why, but the single word on this page makes me crack up every. single. time. It’s just so jolting against the scenery. But that’s Key for you — always setting the moooood. *shot* (Kay, that was a horrible pun, and I’m sorry. XD)

Next week’s update will consist of the chapter’s title page, just so you know what to expect. 🙂


Miko: This page was daunting and fun. There was a lot more detail to be seen before the color was added, so when I saw how little was actually visible, I was very glad I refrained from taking the time on every tree…

I tried a different technique on the leaves this time around and really like how it turned out (hoorah!).

Also, I hate how much the scanner slaughters these pages sometimes… They’re much prettier in person. ;_;

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The Seer’s Test: 02

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