Mirrasae: Coming up with the most appropriate setting for the “movie/book inspired” title page of each chapter can be a real challenge. We have to go over the key points (haha, “Key” points) of each scene and find the running theme, to try and correlate it. Which may or may not remain the case; we’ll have to see.

Brainstorming like that always gives us a TON of ideas, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best idea for the current chapter. So we set them aside and keep throwing out ideas — some utterly ridiculous — until we hit just the right one.

It took a while this time. But it was soooo worth it. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite books/movie trilogies EVER, so don’t be surprised when (not if) it gets another chapter title slot down the road.


Miko: Daunting. That is the word for this particular page…

I also have always loved Lord of the Rings, even before it became a movie, so to do anything related to it is so, so fun, but also intimidating because I want to do it justice.

This sat half finished for a couple of weeks on my art desk because I was fighting the inclination for complexity and details versus the simplicity and humor of the story itself. Ultimately the latter won out, as it always should (be true to your story and characters, always!!), and instead of the intricate, ivy-covered table, we have the humorous trio of statues… <3

Lon was added to the concept latter, but we both felt that it was not only a great addition, but very essential in regards to the content of the chapter, etc… more on that as the chapter unfolds…

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The Seer’s Test: Title Page

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