Mirrasae: Welcome to the Realm of Yenen, Crenen’s forest metropolis. Here all of Yenen Clan lives together in the trees, surrounded by thick, high hedges to fortify the realm from enemies outside.

We recently offered cameos of OCS from our readers, and while some have appeared on the latest page of Kaleidoscope, the rest can be seen on this page and the following page of Liars. Featured here, in panel four, are HumanStick’s OC Veto (the female with the pale blue eyes, wearing black trimmed with pink) and InkdragonCreations OC Jonas (the male with orange eyes, wearing green over black). More cameos coming next week!


Miko: So we wanted the Realm of Yenen to be impressive, but that meant a lot more time dedicated to a single page than I normally have to give. Still, we felt it was important, and thus I worked pretty hard on this page without it being overly detailed. I hope it shows the scope of Realm of Yenen for you.

This was done with our new paper of choice, and I have to say that I’m pretty pleased. <3 It has more tooth than usual, but that makes the watercolor look better!

And once again, I very much enjoyed working on OCs, and am excited to continue into the next page, so if yours wasn’t here, watch for it next week. (That also means there is still time for one or two more, if there are any late-comers who still want in.)

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The Seer’s Test: 03

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