Mirrasae: Last page of cameos (for now)! Top panel, last three people on the right, going from left to right: Dannonlee’s OC, Saber (in the fur vest), Respheal’s OC, Din (orange cloth, green eyes) from her fabulous comic Galebound (reeeaadd iiit!), and InkDragonCreations’ OC, Reba (female, purple headpiece). All looking downtrodden, because the scene required it. Thanks for letting us use your OCs, everybody! We’ll do this again down the road. <3

Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving this week, USA!


Miko: I’m liking backgrounds so much more now, since the paper change. It’s inspired me to go for a more artistic, less generic look.

Once again, I really enjoyed doing cameos, so thanks to everyone who let me draw their OCs!

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The Seer’s Test: 04

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