Mirrasae: Crenen is a very multi-faceted man, being one part tyrannical, one part mysterious, and two parts megalomaniac. It’s fun to watch Miko bring these parts to life, whether singularly or several at once. Meanwhile Key is looking more grown up — hindered only by his own self doubt.

No update next week in observance of Christmas. Speaking of which: Merry Christmas, everyone! Have a beautiful, magical holiday, and stay warm and safe.


Miko: I’m loving the rich colors, what with Crenen’s deep red and Key’s Ultramarine Blue.

I find it interesting that Crenen just can’t stay serious. Here he finally says something admirable, and then he swiftly distracts Key with gerani, so as not to seem… noble? Something like that…

Props to Key for not being utterly distracted, however… Maybe he’s growing up in more than just looks?

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The Seer’s Test: 06

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