Mirrasae: One of those rare moments of Crenen looking serious. Heh. (Yep, those DO happen.) Meanwhile, Key’s inner turmoil continues to plague his conscience. I want to give him a hug, but he wouldn’t like it. (He hates me.)


Miko: Originally our storyboard had Key’s expression as dim and distant, and we thought that was good, since he keeps his deepest feeling far beyond reach.

But once I started working on the page itself, I really wanted Key to look… well, tormented. I kept erasing it, but everything else I did just didn’t work, so I let Key do what he wanted. This once. ONLY this one time. No other.

If I say it enough, do you think they’ll listen?

I wanted the last picture of Key to be more faded, so I opted for watercolor, but getting the color’s just right was more trouble than it was worth.

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The Seer’s Test: 13

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