Mirrasae: Honest-Key is much more angsty and uncertain than Liar-Key, who tries to get by with a lot of sarcasm and bravado. The question is, which is real?

And yes, this really IS Crenen in these panels. Being subdued, even thoughtful. And what’s with his speech pattern, hm?


Miko: I’m really quite happy with this page all-round. The colors are rich, the expressions and stances are interesting, and Crenen’s hair is down. Delightful!

It’s fun to make the twins look more alike, now that their relationship is out in the open, and we felt it was very important that Key and Crenen have a serious moment, since Key and Jenen had.

The important thing is that Key start to realize that, just as this is all really happening, these people are real too…

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The Seer’s Test: 14

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