Finally. FINALLY! Now begins book 2 of Liars Go To Paradise?, subtitled Vendaeva. The story continues with a double update to kick things off! We’ve been pushing for an April 19th release since January, largely because we needed time to plot out book 2 and also because it felt like an appropriate way to celebrate Key’s birthday. Happy birthday, Key!! We sincerely hope you enjoy our comic series as we journey on! <333 Thank you for your ongoing patience as we strive to release more consistence updates. For now, we’ll be rotating between Liars and Kaleidoscope every other Friday until we can manage juggling both in a single week. *dreamily stares into the distant future*
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Book 2: Vendaeva: Title Page

2 thoughts on “Book 2: Vendaeva: Title Page

  1. I was thinking this the whole time I was reading through this comic but might as well drop it here. It’s such a joy to see another traditional media comic here on the internet. The colors and textures give the story such a nice mood. And I really respect the amount of detail you put in to your character designs.

    1. This comment means so much! Thank you!! We are huge advocates of traditional style artwork, as it feels like it dying out somehow and that’s a shame. Thank you, thank you for appreciating it!! Your comic also looks fascinating, and your watercolor is gorgeous. We’ll definitely be giving it a read. <3

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