And here’s the second page of our double-update kick-off for Book 2 of Liars Go To Paradise! In Book 2: Vendaeva, we’ll revisit old friends and introduce a few new faces as well. Enjoy!! As a side note, there will be at least three Books in this series, possibly even four (depending on how we decide to break things up).
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Book 2: Ch. 1: Loss? 01

2 thoughts on “Book 2: Ch. 1: Loss? 01

  1. I really love the illustration work on this page. There’s such a mood between the rain, the close-up of the hand hesitating to knock, and even the downcast can’t see the eyes look. It’s soaked in atmosphere and I love it. <3

    1. Thank you so much! It’s such a rewarding challenge to find a way to set the mood for each scene. I’m glad this one came across right!

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