The Cast

Disclaimer: The characters listed below are by order of appearance, not necessarily importance. If we tried to list them the latter way, we would have an all-out war for dominance on our hands. While that sounds fascinating, we aren’t inclined to die in the crossfire…



Jason “Key” Sterling
“Strange Coward Boy”

Birthday: April 19
The 18-year-old protagonist, Key is a sarcastic loner who tends to lie. A lot. He has no real aspirations in life and hasn’t planned past graduation. But all that changes when he is shoved into a puddle and subsequently wakes up in world deceptively called Paradise.

Chas (chaz)

Birthday: September 10
High School chick-magnet and sickeningly arrogant jock, Chas isn’t well liked by the local male population, especially Key.

Jenen (JEN-in)
“Sick Nasty Dog”

Birthday: June 6
Of Yenen Clan. The first inhabitant of Paradise whom Key meets. He is not a woman.

Crenen (KREN-in)

Birthday: June 6
Leader of Yenen Clan, Crenen is a megalomaniac with a penchant for giving orders and eating gerani.

Menen (MEN-in)
“Tall Strong Jerk”

Birthday: August 25
Of Yenen Clan. Tall, strong and loyal, he does Crenen’s every bidding, especially the heavy-lifting jobs.

Hiskii (HISS-kee)
“Quiet Sneaky Thing”

Birthday: January 31
He’s quiet. He’s sneaky. No one knows much else.

Sasha (SAW-sh-uh)
“Screechy Hurting Girl”

Birthday: October 15
Of Yenen Clan. She’s a doctor and she’s a little (or a lot) bossy.

Lon (lawn, as in mowing the…)
“Mysterious Girly Guy”

Birthday: December 1
A man associated with the once-mentioned “Seer.”

Veija (vay-zhuh – Hint: Veija rhymes with Asia.)

Birthday: May 3
Ditzy as she is beautiful, Veija is a Seer who appears to know what’s going on, but explaining it is another matter entirely.

Kirid (keer-id)
…Information pending…

Haeon (hay-on)
…Information pending…

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Birthday: May 17
Key’s uber loyal American Eskimo dog. He likes long walks and chasing squirrels.

Furapintairow (fur-uh-pin-TY-row)
Beach-ball-sized critters with venomous teeth (ask Key, he knows). They are considered sacred by most Paradisians.

Crakalak (krak-uh-lak)
Crenen’s shoulder pet. It eats leather, believe it or not.

Fyar (fy-AIR)
…Information pending…

Freket (freck-it)
…Information pending…

Thesher (th-esh-er)
…Information pending…

Seyaming (say-uh-ming)
…Information pending…