The Story?

Jason “Key” Sterling is a liar, and he knows that liars don’t go to Paradise. So when he’s pushed into a puddle and wakes up in a fantastical world called just that, he knows there’s a catch. This Paradise is hardly heavenly.

Join Key as he encounters the quirky natives, including a megalomaniac prince, an effeminate loner, a ditsy Seer and many, many sharp-toothed critters — along with a brewing war and a prophecy he wants nothing to do with, but which wants everything to do with him.

Updates on Fridays. This is a traditional-art, long-form, fantasy, manga-style comic with a boatload of humor and plenty of drama (and perhaps a dab of romance as well). It is rated PG for fantasy violence and mild thematic elements.

A Brief History

Liars Go To Paradise? began as a high school writing assignment, and thereafter found a home on DeviantArt as Mirrasae (the writer side of our comic efforts) allowed the story to take whatever form it wished. From there, with the support of a fabulous group of faithful readers, it grew into a 180,000 word novel over time until it was finally completed. It has since been bound and self-published on Amazon where it remains available for any curious readers.

Meanwhile the story had a will of its own and, despite having shared Key’s narrative in whole, it would not be silent. Mirrasae heeded the clamoring voices and, after several discussions, Miko (the artist side of our team) agreed to give the story new life in the form of a comic. This endeavor now resides here, where we enjoy breathing new life into old friends to share once more with its first audience – as well as a wonderful new one. We hope you love Key, Crenen, Jenen and all the rest as much as we do!

Enjoy your plunge through the puddle!!

AvianSkies Webcomic Team